Gina Miller, your ‘anti-Brexit list’ needs revising for the future

In the lead up to the General Election, Gina Miller raised over £400,000 to support certain MPs that were, in her own words, 'candidates who will fight for a real choice on the final deal, who are fighting a winnable seat but not a dead certainty, have an immaculate track record in terms of personal conduct …

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The Tory-DUP deal

Earlier today it was announced that the Tory-DUP deal had finally been settled, more than 2 and a half weeks after the election which saw Theresa May lose her majority. The Tories have decided to give Northern Ireland £1 billion, in exchange for the DUP's support on matters, such as the 'exit from the European Union' and 'national security'. Clearly …

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Thoughts on the Queen’s Speech

Perhaps most notable about the Queen's Speech earlier today was that which was omitted, rather than that which was included. No mention of the manifesto pledges on fox hunting, grammar schools, the triple lock on pensions, free school meals or the Winter Fuel allowance, only highlights the weakness of Theresa May's government, not being too controversial …

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